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TYPE: Sativa Hybrid

THC: 18% – 22%

GENETICS: Shiva Skunk x Jack Herer

APPEARANCE: C99 nugs are dense with abundant trichome coverage and light amber-orange hairs.

SMELL: When broken up Cindy has a slight tropical smell

BEST FOR TREATING: Mood enhancement

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Cinderella 99 strain is a super potent Sativa-dominant hybrid. it is Short, fast-growing, and resinous, this strain is popular among growers and consumers alike. Among High Times’ Top 10 Strains of 2009, this strain is a favourite for weed enthusiasts all over the world. Buy Cinderella 99 weed online.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 22%

CBD: 2%


Cinderella 99 strain is a bit of a mystery. Developed by Brothers Grimm, the exact lineage of this strain is a little uncertain. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its potent, cerebral effects. Some users claim to expertise a form of mental rush.

This can lead to feelings of anxiety in some, or feelings of creativity. Expect a dreamy mental experience, lots of energy, and a light body high. Marijuana consumers will find this strain takes roughly 15 minutes to take effect. Buy Cinderella 99 weed online

Traits of Cinderella 99 and Cinderella 99 Seeds

For a mostly Sativa strain, this strain is pretty short. Marijuana enthusiasts will find pleasant sweet and fruity flavours, with hints of skunkiness on exhale. Buy Cinderella 99 weed online Cannabis fans will be licking their lips to see a thick layer of crystals all over the Cinderella 99 bud. Beautiful orange pistils are knotted all through the densely packed, light green leaves, making for one nice looking cannabis strain.

Medical Benefits of Cinderella 99

This potent strain offers medical marijuana patients relief from a number of conditions, symptoms and ailments.

Patients tend to love this strain for stress, fatigue, depression, pain, and migraines

The energetic buzz of this strain makes it a good selection for marijuana patients searching for a daytime cannabis choice

New cannabis consumers might want to be a little cautious with Cindy. Her THC content tests around twenty second, creating this a potent strain.

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    i love it

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