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What smells like artificial lemons and is among the strongest of the Indica-dominant hybrid OG strains? That’s right, it’s Fire OG. With a THC level of up to 20 percent, this is one of the serious potential “couch lock” strains that is straight up pain relief and a good night of sleep for those who’ve been missing out.

Despite the strange lemony-chemically scent, this strain burns with a smell that is similar to black hash. The taste is more in live with what you’d expect from the initial smell, with pine and citrus elements, although after the hash smell this circling back to citrus may feel like a surprise.

Although based on the old Indica/Sativa stereotypes this may feel like a flat out Indica, it is a hybrid strain with about 60 percent Indica dominance. It is bred from San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3 and OG Kush. The name comes from its appearance, since the nuggets of this strain are covered in frost and red hairs.

Even when smoked, this strain will provide you with a medication time of up to three hours and some lasting relief. For newbs or novices this is a risky choice, unless there is a severe insomnia or pain management issue in play (or unless you’ve cleared your schedule for the night). However, this is the perfect strain when time is of the essence and you need relief immediately.

Fire OG is especially popular with those suffering from a variety of serious physical and mental issues since its mix of euphoria and deep body stone can soothe a mix of troubles. Fire OG is commonly used to treat anxiety, chronic aches and pains, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, nausea, stress, and even creativity issues such as writer’s block—but only for those who can tolerate the very potent high.

Parents: OG Kush
Similar to: Mendocino Purps, Afghani, Death Star, Cookies
Flavors: Pungent, Woody, Earthy
Effects: Euphoric, Hungry, Sleepy, Happy, Relaxed
Medical: Nausea, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Insomnia, Stress
Potency: 18-21% THC Content

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